This workshop is the second part of “Collaborative Learning in Architecture” project that will be conducted between Sarajevo Faculty of Architecture and Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Architecture.

The project has two folds:

It aims to coordinate active collaboration on an academic project on the department of Architecture and Urbanism. The faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo has been developing during almost six decades on specific approach to Architectural Design, based on the Heritage of Central European Modern Movement, one can notice in affinity for simplicity and elegancy in spatial and formal excretion, in one hand, and in the second on specific relationship with the context, who gave more importance on spatial and structural qualities, in spite of formal ones. With this project task, we also made a critical gesture on recent Master plan who placed, in the middle of area signed with the Museums and future University Campus, several Embassies and Administrative Buildings. Within the scope of this project, different urban scenarios for so called ‘Marshal Tito Barracks area’ will be developed by architecture students of both schools. The students will be advised by a team of Professors and Assistants from both faculties.

International aspect of the project will provide learning experience for both host and hosted schools. Both schools will gain an experience in participating in Urban Design and Architectural project and in working with different cultures. Information technologies and video conferencing will be used for collaboration.