Area: Istanbul, Kadikoy, West Atasehir
Participating Schools: Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Architecture, (YTU)
Sarajevo University Faculty of Architecture (AFS)
Date: Summer Academic Semester 2006/07

This workshop is the third part of “Collaborative Learning in Architecture” Project that has been conducted between YTU Faculty of Architecture and Sarajevo University Faculty of Architecture. The project has two folds:

1-It aims to coordinate active collaboration on academic projects between the two Schools of Architecture,

2- It integrates information and communication techniques for remote collaboration into studio setting.

During 2007 spring academic semester the third year undergraduate students from both schools will work on “School Design in West Atasehir” studio. The Project will be divided in three steps:

1- The first step will be organized in Sarajevo from March 26th to 30th, in the form of Workshop. The goal of this session is to introduce the project objectives, student’s and teacher’s gathering and planning of common bases for further development of the project.

2- The second step is mid-term presentations that will be held during May. This part will be conducted via Internet video conferencing.

3- The third step is the final presentations of students projects. It will be held in Istanbul, from June 17th through 23st. This part is planned to be in form of workshop, with several days of team and individual work on completing and finalizing of students design projects, and final presentations. During whole process of the project, the students will be advised by a team of professors and assistants from both faculties.

International aspect of the project will provide learning experience with different cultures for both host and hosted schools.