Analytical Grammar Studies

An architectural language can be analyzed in a systematic way by extracting the principles of that language. Once the operational principles exist, variations within that language can be produced by changing the rules or adding new rules to the existing rule set.

Grammar studies in design can be grouped in three categories:

•  Analytical grammar: Extracts the rules of a design language and by using these rules generates variations within that language.

•  Hybrid grammar :( Analysis/original) extracts the rules of a design language, by modifying these rules and adding new rules, new designs in the same language family are generated.

•  Original grammar: The designer designs the grammar (rules) and generates designs with in that language.

Grammar Studies on Architecture

Terry Knight - Shape grammars and the theory of color grammars (link)
Birgül Çolakoğlu - Grammar based digital design and building technologies and the grammar of Bosnian Housing (pdf)

José P. Duarte - The grammar of Malagueria houses of Alvaro Siza Vieria (link) (pdf)

Gabriela Celani - Grammar and design applications on architectural education (link)

Belinda Torus - The housing grammar of Charles M. Correa (link) (pdf)


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