Mardin is one of the most beautiful examples of traditional architecture and masonry work in Southeastern part of Turkey . The city is located on the slope of a hill looking down south to the Mesopotamian plains. (pdf1-pdf2)Two academic works, the doctorate thesis of Prof. Füsun Alioğlu titled “Mardin Şehir Dokusu ve Evler” (pdf3) and the master thesis of Hakan özbek titled “Gelenekselden Türeyen Çağdaş Mardin Konut Yerleşimi" are used as sources for the analysis of Mardin. (Picture 1-4) In the studio each student chose one house prototype analyzed and developed in these studies as starting module of his/her design .(Picture 5-7) Rules and expansion of the modules are also shown. (Picture 8-10)











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