IDS 2009 Sarajevo / Enschede / Istanbul - Project Overview


Design for Disassembly and Reuse: Design & Build Multipurpose Transformable Pavilions

The studio is the second part of “Integrated Design Explorations in International Architectural Studio Education” research project conducted in collaboration between Yildiz Technical University School of Architecture, University of Twente School of Engineering Sciences - Industrial Design Engineering, and Sarajevo University School of Architecture.

The goals of the research project are:

  • to expand collaboration among international community of architecture design educators for current urban and architecture problems,
  • to develop, implement, and refine processes for international team-based design in architecture education by simulating internationally distributed workplace environment,
  • to develop collaboration between construction industry and university,
  • to expand collaboration among interdisciplinary community of architecture design education,

Three International design studios are set up within the scope of the research project as cases through which the goals of the research project will be explored. The first studio “Design and Construction of Transformable Exhibition Pavilion, 2008” is organized by AFS on a site in Sarajevo.

The second studio “Design for Disassembly and Reuse: Design & Build Multipurpose Transformable Pavilion, 2009” will be organized by YTU on a specific site in Istanbul. The general task of this studio will be to design and built easily assembled and disassembled transformable pavilions used for public events. It aims to develop a conceptually coherent, build able and dismountable pavilion design proposal.

The theme of the third studio that will be organized in the Netherlands will be determined.

>> The rationale for designing transformable pavilion structures for Istanbul

Participants: Yildiz Technical University (YTU), University of Twente (UT), University of Sarajevo Faculty of Architecture (AFS)

Supporting Organizations: YTU, UT, AFS, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

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