Studio Structure

It will compose of three integrated sections:

1- Introduction to Design for Disassembly in Architecture

The first section will cover the concept of DfD and the principles used in the application of these systems. The students will be introduced with the DfD systems, its use in architecture, design process and, the principles applied in different (materials, assemblies and building systems) levels.

2- Definition of design process strategies

The second section will involve understanding transformable pavilion design as a strategy rather than as a static object. It will development of DfD strategies developed and pavilion design concept explorations based on defined strategies.

3- Concept design development for transformable multifunctional pavilions

The third section involves designing transformable Pavilion for a specific context (Ramadan Festivities in Istanbul) with emphasis on reusability and sustainability. Designs will focus on:


The students of participating universities will work in teams on assigned design tasks. Geographically distributed team members will communicate via ICT. There will be three workshops each organized in participating university, where the students will meet face to face and work together on their design task.

Istanbul Workshop March 1-10, 2008

Sarajevo Workshop April 19-26, 2008

Enschede Workshop, June 6-13, 2008