1- Istanbul Workshop March 1-10, 2009

The students are expected to build the knowledge about of DfD and its use in architecture, design process and, the principles applied in different (materials, assemblies and building systems) levels prior coming to Istanbul.

The workshop in Istanbul will be organized in Yildiz Technical University. It will consist of two parts, lectures and studio. Lectures will cover various subjects of the studio as well as introduction to the city, project site, theme and the culture. Professors of each school, practicing architects and Istanbul municipality staff will participate in lectures. The studio work will include, understanding context, clarification of program, definition of design process strategies and initial design concept developments. The students will work in teams. Initial concept developments will be presented to the jury and the municipality at the end of the workshop.

>> Istanbul workshop webpage can be reached by clicking here.

2- Sarajevo Workshop April 19-26, 2009

The mid-term review of the studio will be conducted in Sarajevo. The teams will work on design tasks between March and April before the Sarajevo workshop. They will communicate using free ICT technologies (Surfgroepen, Skype, etc.). Studio coordinators will meet with teams on scheduled times over Internet and discuss the development of the designs. There will be two video conference meetings where the groups will get critiques from jury about their designs in process. The structure of the work on assigned tasks and the schedule of task delivery and video conference meetings will be determined.

During the five days workshop in Sarajevo the teams will work together on their design development and present their work in progress to the jury and municipality staff.

>> Sarajevo workshop webpage can be reached by clicking here.

3- Enschede Workshop, June 6-13, 2009

The teams will finalize transformable pavilion designs in Enschede and prepare their design for final presentation and exhibition. The results will be presented at the International conference CMS2009 on life cycle design of buildings, systems and materials (12 June 2009 ) at University of Twente. The teams will present their works to the jury and municipality staff.

>> Enschede workshop webpage can be reached by clicking here.