6106Graduate Workshop 2

The aim of this course is advancing the digital thinking and design-strategy developing skills which are essential in computational design and to establish a background to understand how to use design capabilities provided by digital technologies in a creative way in the environments of professional implementation. The topic of parametric design will be emphasized in this course to question how this design technology help architects to develop an understanding of relation between computational thinking and reality.

Main topics of the course content are:
I. Digital Environment and Architectural Design
II. Parametric Thinking in Architectural Design
• Parametric Design, Parametric Modelling and Parametric Geometry
• Similarities, Differences and Processes
• Real as Data
III. Parametric Design and Modelling Tools in Digital Environment
• Generative Components software
• Associative Geometry
III. Exemplary Architectural Projects
IV. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
• Rapid Prototyping
• CAD/CAM Technologies