2008-05-28Transformable Exhibition Pavilion

The international design studio conducted by YTU Computational Design Graduate Programme, Sarajevo University Faculty of Architecture and Delft University Faculty of Architecture. The project is titled: "Design and Construction of Transformable Exhibition Pavilion in Sarajevo".

Dynamic changes in use of buildings will require fundamentally different way of design and construction in the future.This international design and construction studio focuses on design and construction of a Flexible Exhibition Pavilion which can be transformed for different purposes and whose systems and components could be reconfigured and reused again for different purposes.It addresses issues of flexibility, design for disassembly and use of ICT in design and construction. Total of 18 students from three universities ( Delft, Istanbul, Sarajevo) will work in mixed teams. The collaboration will be structured around the workshops Delft and Sarajevo.During the last workshop in Sarajevo students will work together with construction industry on construction and assembly of their own design. Pavilion will be assembled in front of the faculty of architecture in Sarajevo. Goals:Through fieldtrips students will be exposed to architecture in the Netherlands, one of the leading countries in the field of contemporary architecture at the moment. In particular, the student teams will analyse architectural case studies developed as a part of governmental program (IFD) Industrial flexible demountable buildings in Rotterdam and Den Haag. Students will learn how to address aspect of sustainable design focusing on material efficient design that is accomplished through high transformation capacity of pavilion and its subsystems. Students will learn how to address design and construction of flexible systems by use of CAD/CAM technologies in direct cooperation with manufacturing and construction industry.Students will experience working in international design teams.